Imprinted Gene Databases

Imprinted Genes: by Species

Below are listings of genes by species, sorted by chromosomal location. Gene information has been gathered from NCBI, and some genes lack chromosomal coordinates; these are designated with ---. To switch species, select the appropriate tab. To view more information about a gene, click on its name. If there is a gene missing that you feel should be included in the catalog, please contact us.

Only display genes with imprint status:
Gene Aliases Location Status Expressed Allele
LRRTM1     Imprinted Paternal
DIRAS3 ARHI, NOEY2  1p31 AS  Imprinted Paternal
RNU5D-1 U5DL, U5DS, RNU5D  1p34.1 AS  Imprinted Paternal
TP73 P73  1p36.3  Imprinted Maternal
TXNIP THIF, VDUP1, ARRDC6, HHCPA78, EST01027  1q21.1 AS  Imprinted
ZDBF2 Slx9  2q33.3 AS  Imprinted Paternal
GPR1   2q33.3 AS  Imprinted Paternal
LRRC15 LIB  3q29 AS  Imprinted
NAP1L5 DRLM  4q22.1 AS  Imprinted Paternal
IL21 Za11, IL-21, CVID11  4q27 AS  Imprinted
RHOBTB3   5q15  Imprinted Paternal
ERAP2 LRAP, L-RAP  5q15  Imprinted Paternal
VTRNA2-1 CBL3, CBL-3, hvg-5, nc886, MIR886, VTRNA2, MIRN886, svtRNA2-1a, hsa-mir-886  5q31.1 AS  Imprinted Paternal
ADTRP AIG1L, C6orf105, dJ413H6.1  6p24.1 AS  Imprinted Maternal
FAM50B X5L, D6S2654E  6p25.2  Imprinted Paternal
PXDC1 C6orf145  6p25.2 AS  Imprinted Paternal
AIM1 ST4, CRYBG1  6q21  Imprinted Paternal
LIN28B CSDD2  6q21  Imprinted Paternal
PLAGL1 ZAC, LOT1, ZAC1, MGC126275, MGC126276, DKFZp781P1017  6q24-q25 AS  Imprinted Paternal
HYMAI NCRNA00020  6q24.2 AS  Imprinted Paternal
SLC22A2* OCT2, MGC32628  6q26 AS  Imprinted Maternal
SLC22A3* EMT, EMTH, OCT3  6q26-q27  Imprinted Maternal
GRB10 RSS, IRBP, MEG1, GRB-IR, Grb-10, KIAA0207  7p12-p11.2 AS  Imprinted Isoform Dependent
DDC AADC  7p12.2 AS  Imprinted Isoform Dependent
GLI3 PHS, ACLS, GCPS, PAPA, PAPB, PAP-A, PAPA1, PPDIV  7p13 AS  Imprinted Paternal
HECW1 NEDL1  7p14.1-p13  Imprinted Paternal
HOXA4 HOX1, HOX1D  7p15-p14 AS  Imprinted Maternal
MAGI2 AIP1, AIP-1, ARIP1, SSCAM, MAGI-2, ACVRIP1  7q21 AS  Imprinted Maternal
PEG10 EDR, HB-1, Mar2, MEF3L, Mart2, RGAG3  7q21  Imprinted Paternal
SGCE ESG, DYT11  7q21-q22 AS  Imprinted Paternal
PPP1R9A NRB1, NRBI, FLJ20068, KIAA1222, Neurabin-I  7q21.3  Imprinted Maternal
TFPI2 PP5, REF1, TFPI-2, FLJ21164  7q22 AS  Imprinted Maternal
CCDC71L C7orf74  7q22.3 AS  Imprinted Paternal
CPA4 CPA3  7q32  Imprinted Maternal
MEST PEG1, MGC8703, MGC111102, DKFZp686L18234  7q32  Imprinted Paternal
COPG2IT1 CIT1, COPG2AS, FLJ41646, NCRNA00170, DKFZP761N09121  7q32  Imprinted Paternal
MESTIT1 MEST-IT, PEG1-AS, MEST-AS1, MEST-IT1, NCRNA00040  7q32.2 AS  Imprinted Paternal
KLF14 BTEB5  7q32.3 AS  Imprinted Maternal
SVOPL   7q34 AS  Imprinted Maternal
DLGAP2 DAP2, SAPAP2  8p23  Imprinted Paternal
KCNK9 KT3.2, TASK3, K2p9.1, TASK-3, MGC138268, MGC138270  8q24.3 AS  Imprinted Maternal
PEG13   8q24.3 AS  Imprinted Paternal
ZFAT-AS1 ZFATAS, ZFAT-AS, SAS-ZFAT, NCRNA00070  8q24.22  Imprinted Paternal
ZFAT AITD3, ZFAT1, ZNF406  8q24.22 AS  Imprinted Paternal
GLIS3 ZNF515  9p24.2 AS  Imprinted Paternal
WT1-AS WIT1, WIT-1, WT1AS, WT1-AS1  11p13  Imprinted Paternal
WT1 GUD, AWT1, WAGR, WT33, NPHS4, WIT-2, EWS-WT1  11p13 AS  Imprinted Paternal
KCNQ1DN BWRT, HSA404617  11p15.4  Imprinted Maternal
OSBPL5 ORP5, OBPH1, FLJ42929  11p15.4 AS  Imprinted Maternal
PHLDA2 IPL, BRW1C, BWR1C, HLDA2, TSSC3  11p15.5 AS  Imprinted Maternal
SLC22A18 HET, ITM, BWR1A, IMPT1, TSSC5, ORCTL2, BWSCR1A, SLC22A1L, p45-BWR1A, DKFZp667A184  11p15.5  Imprinted Maternal
IGF2 INSIGF, pp9974, C11orf43, FLJ22066, FLJ44734  11p15.5 AS  Imprinted Paternal
INS ILPR, IRDN  11p15.5 AS  Imprinted Paternal
IGF2AS PEG8, MGC168198  11p15.5  Imprinted Paternal
H19 ASM, BWS, ASM1, MGC4485, PRO2605, D11S813E  11p15.5 AS  Imprinted Maternal
KCNQ1OT1 LIT1, Kncq1, KvDMR1, KCNQ10T1, KCNQ1-AS2, KvLQT1-AS, NCRNA00012  11p15.5 AS  Imprinted Paternal
CDKN1C BWS, WBS, p57, BWCR, KIP2  11p15.5 AS  Imprinted Maternal
KCNQ1 LQT, RWS, WRS, LQT1, SQT2, ATFB1, ATFB3, JLNS1, KCNA8, KCNA9, Kv1.9, Kv7.1, KVLQT1, FLJ26167  11p15.5  Imprinted Maternal
ANO1 DOG1, TAOS2, ORAOV2, TMEM16A  11q13.3  Imprinted Maternal
ZC3H12C MCPIP3  11q22.3  Imprinted Paternal
NTM HNT, NTRI, CEPU-1, IGLON2  11q25  Imprinted Maternal
ST8SIA1 GD3S, SIAT8, SIAT8A, SIAT8-A, ST8SiaI  12p12.1 AS  Imprinted Paternal
RBP5 CRBP3, CRBPIII, CRBP-III  12p13.31 AS  Imprinted Maternal
IRAK4 IPD1, IMD67, REN64, IRAK-4, NY-REN-64  12q12  Imprinted
ATP5F1EP2 ATP5EP2  13q12.2  Imprinted Maternal
RB1 RB, pRb, OSRC, pp110, p105-Rb, PPP1R130, p110-RB1  13q14.2  Imprinted Paternal
SMOC1 OAS  14q24.2  Imprinted Maternal
MEG3 GTL2, FP504, prebp1, PRO0518, PRO2160, FLJ31163, FLJ42589  14q32  Imprinted Maternal
DIO3 D3, 5DIII, TXDI3, DIOIII  14q32  Imprinted Paternal
DLK1 DLK, FA1, ZOG, pG2, DLK-1, PREF1, Delta1, Pref-1  14q32.2  Imprinted Paternal
MEG8 Bsr, Irm, Rian, SNHG23, SNHG24, lnc-MGC, LINC00024, NCRNA00024  14q32.2-q32.31  Imprinted Maternal
SNORD113-1 14q(I-1)  14q32.31  Imprinted Maternal
DIO3OS DIO3-OS, DIO3-AS1, C14orf134, NCRNA00041  14q32.31 AS  Imprinted Maternal
RTL1 MART1, PEG11, LOC388015  14q32.31 AS  Imprinted Paternal
SNORD114-1 14q(II-1)  14q32.31  Imprinted Maternal
MAGEL2 nM15, NDNL1  15q11-q12 AS  Imprinted Paternal
UBE3A AS, ANCR, E6-AP, HPVE6A, EPVE6AP, FLJ26981  15q11-q13 AS  Imprinted Maternal
MKRN3 D15S9, RNF63, ZFP127, ZNF127, MGC88288  15q11-q13  Imprinted Paternal
SNORD107 HBII-436, HBII-436 C/D box snoRNA  15q11.2  Imprinted Paternal
SNORD115@ HBII-52  15q11.2  Imprinted Paternal
ATP10A ATPVA, ATPVC, ATP10C, KIAA0566  15q11.2 AS  Imprinted Maternal
PWCR1 PET1, non-coding RNA in the Prader-Willi critical region  15q11.2  Imprinted Paternal
SNORD115-48 HBII-52-48  15q11.2  Imprinted Paternal
SNORD109B HBII-438B, HBII-438B C/D box snoRNA  15q11.2  Imprinted Paternal
NPAP1 C15orf2  15q11.2  Imprinted Paternal
SNRPN SMN, PWCR, SM-D, RT-LI, HCERN3, SNRNP-N, FLJ33569, FLJ36996, FLJ39265, MGC29886, SNURF-SNRPN, DKFZp762N022, DKFZp686C0927, DKFZp761I1912, DKFZp686M12165  15q11.2  Imprinted Paternal
PWAR6 HBT8, PAR-6  15q11.2  Imprinted Paternal
SNORD116 PET1, PWCR1, HBII-85  15q11.2  Imprinted Paternal
SNORD109A HBII-438A  15q11.2  Imprinted Paternal
SNORD108 HBII-437, HBII-437 C/D box snoRNA  15q11.2  Imprinted Paternal
NDN HsT16328  15q11.2-q12 AS  Imprinted Paternal
SNURF   15q12  Imprinted Paternal
SNORD64 HBII-13, HBII-13 snoRNA  15q12  Imprinted Paternal
RASGRF1 GNRP, GRF1, CDC25, GRF55, CDC25L, H-GRF55, PP13187  15q24.2 AS  Imprinted Paternal
IRAIN IGF1R-AS  15q26.3 AS  Imprinted Paternal
ZNF597 HIT-4  16p13.3 AS  Imprinted Maternal
PRR25 gs64  16p13.3  Imprinted Paternal
NAA60 HAT4, NatF, IBGC9, NAT15, hNaa60  16p13.3  Imprinted Maternal
CMTM1 CKLFH, CKLFH1, CKLFSF1  16q21  Imprinted Paternal
ZFP90 FIK, NK10, ZNF756, zfp-90  16q22.1  Imprinted Paternal
ZNF396 ZSCAN14  18q12.2 AS  Imprinted Paternal
TCEB3C HsT829, TCEB3L2, Elongin A3  18q21.1 AS  Imprinted Maternal
PARD6G PAR-6G, PAR6gamma  18q23 AS  Imprinted Maternal
DNMT1 AIM, DNMT, MCMT, CXXC9, HSN1E, ADCADN  19p13.2 AS  Imprinted Paternal
AXL ARK, UFO, JTK11, Tyro7  19q13.2  Imprinted Maternal
ZIM2 ZNF656  19q13.4 AS  Imprinted Paternal
PEG3 PW1, ZNF904, ZSCAN24  19q13.4 AS  Imprinted Paternal
NLRP2 NBS1, PAN1, NALP2, PYPAF2, CLR19.9  19q13.42  Imprinted Maternal
MIR371A C19MC, MIR371, MIRN371, hsa-mir-371, hsa-mir-371a  19q13.42  Imprinted Paternal
PEG3-AS1 APEG3, PEG3AS, PEG3-AS, NCRNA00155  19q13.43  Imprinted Paternal
MIMT1 MIM1, LINC00067, NCRNA00067  19q13.43  Imprinted Paternal
BLCAP BC10  20q11.2-q12 AS  Imprinted Isoform Dependent
NNAT Peg5  20q11.2-q12  Imprinted Paternal
MCTS2   20q11.21  Imprinted Paternal
GDAP1L1 dJ881L22.1, dJ995J12.1.1  20q12  Imprinted Paternal
SGK2 H-SGK2, dJ138B7.2  20q13.2  Imprinted Paternal
GNAS AHO, GSA, GSP, POH, GPSA, NESP, GNAS1, PHP1A, PHP1B, C20orf45, MGC33735, dJ309F20.1.1, dJ806M20.3.3  20q13.3  Imprinted Isoform Dependent
L3MBTL1 L3MBTL, ZC2HC3, H-L(3)MBT, dJ138B7.3  20q13.12  Imprinted Paternal
MIR296 MIRN296, miRNA296  20q13.32 AS  Imprinted Paternal
MIR298 MIRN298, hsa-mir-298  20q13.32 AS  Imprinted Paternal
GNAS-AS1 SANG, GNASAS, NESPAS, GNAS-AS, GNAS1AS, NESP-AS, NCRNA00075  20q13.32 AS  Imprinted Paternal
MIR125B2 MIRN125B2, mir-125b-2  21q21.1  Imprinted Paternal
DSCAM CHD2, CHD2-42, CHD2-52  21q22.2 AS  Imprinted Paternal
DGCR6   22q11.21  Imprinted Random
DGCR6L   22q11.21 AS  Imprinted Random