Imprinted Gene Databases

Imprinted Genes: by Species

Below are listings of genes by species, sorted by chromosomal location. Gene information has been gathered from NCBI, and some genes lack chromosomal coordinates; these are designated with ---. To switch species, select the appropriate tab. To view more information about a gene, click on its name. If there is a gene missing that you feel should be included in the catalog, please contact us.

Only display genes with imprint status:
Gene Aliases Location Status Expressed Allele
Znf597   16:128301-168723 AS  Not Imprinted Biallelic
Gpr1   1:63172690-63224208 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Zdbf2 4930431J08Rik, 9330107J05Rik, RP23-434D24.2  1:63263268-63324574  Imprinted Paternal
Mcts2 PSIMCT-1, RP23-35I8.12, 2400002F11Rik  2:152677147-152697945  Imprinted Paternal
Mir298 Mirn298, mmu-mir-298  2:174257503-174277584 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Mir296 Mirn296, mmu-mir-296  2:174257046-174277124 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Sfmbt2 D2Wsu23e, D330030P06Rik  2:10360450-10605252  Imprinted Paternal
Wt1 Wt-1, D630046I19Rik  2:104917367-104984450  Tissue Dependent Maternal
Gatm AT, AI314789, 1810003P21Rik  2:122275912-122312702 AS  Imprinted Maternal
H13 Spp, H-13, Hm13, PSL3, AV020344, 1200006O09Rik, 4930443L17Rik, 5031424B04Rik  2:152659460-152718667  Imprinted Maternal
Nnat Peg5, AW107673, 5730414I02Rik  2:157375845-157398257  Imprinted Paternal
Blcap Bc10, AI462828, MGC102074  2:157372097-157402096 AS  Imprinted Isoform Dependent
Nespas Gnas-as  2:174271236-174305435 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Gnas P1, P2, P3, GSP, Gsa, POH, GPSA, Nesp, Gnas1, Nespl, PHP1A, PHP1B, Gnasxl, Nesp55, Oedsml, Oed-Sml, Gs-alpha, XLalphas, MGC118029, 5530400H20Rik, A930027G11Rik, C130027O20Rik  2:173917259-173999682  Imprinted Isoform Dependent
L3mbtl L3MBTL1, KIAA0681, mKIAA0681, C630004G01  2:162624905-162675962  Not Imprinted Biallelic
Ngfb   3:102263850-102334927  Predicted Paternal
Gnai3 Gnai-3, AI158965, AW537698  3:108225354-108284169 AS  Predicted Maternal
Lin28a Lin28, Tex17, Lin-28, Gm10299, lin-28A, AL024421, ENSMUSG00000070700  4:133993329-134028815 AS  Imprinted
Trp73 p73, TP73  4:152892643-152994007 AS  Unknown Unknown
Magi2 AIP-1, Acvri1, Magi-2, S-SCAM, Acvrip1, Acvrinp1, mKIAA0705  5:19217045-20714791  Imprinted Paternal
Il6 Il-6  5:30003160-30029967  Imprinted
Fkbp6 36kDa, FKBP-6, FKBP-36, AU017274, D5Ertd724, D5Ertd724e, 1700008G22Rik  5:135310557-135390661 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Mkrn1-ps1 makorin, ring finger protein 1, pseudogene 1  5:89902715-89923906 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Mir335 Mirn335, mir-335, mmu-mir-335  6:30731298-30751395  Imprinted
Pon3 AI786302, 2810004E20  6:5160851-5216232 AS  Provisional Data Maternal
Peg10 Edr, HB-1, Mar2, MEF3L, Mart2, MyEF-3, AA407948  6:4687379-4720475  Imprinted Paternal
Ppp1r9a BB181831, mKIAA1222, 5330407E15, neurabin-I, 2810430P21Rik, 4930518N04Rik, A230094E16Rik  6:4843319-5125660  Imprinted Maternal
Pon1 Pon  6:5108104-5153823 AS  Not Imprinted Biallelic
Tfpi2 AV000670, PP5/TFPI-2  6:3902594-3928353 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Sgce e-SG  6:4614349-4707098 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Asb4 AV117194, AW060255, 8430401O13Rik  6:5373385-5443021  Imprinted Maternal
Dlx5 AI385752  6:6817804-6842067 AS  Not Imprinted Biallelic
Calcr Clr  6:3625733-3728615 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Mest Peg1, AA408879, AI256745  6:30678072-30708466  Imprinted Paternal
Aqp1 CHIP, CHIP28  6:55303283-55335539  Imprinted Maternal
Pon2 AI481612, MGC68232, 6330405I24Rik  6:5204623-5258372 AS  Provisional Data Maternal
Cpa4 AV009555, 1110019K20Rik  6:30508385-30551756  Unknown Unknown
Klf14 BTEB5, AL022736, 5330411L03Rik  6:30897682-30918981 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Copg2 AW227625  6:30729597-30836920 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Nap1l5 1110020M21Rik  6:58824811-58846642 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Ano1 Tmem16a  7:144578548-144748591 AS  Imprinted Maternal
LOC101055709   7:6977608-6999822  Imprinted
Dhcr7 AA409147  7:143813166-143858409  Imprinted Maternal
Nlrp2 N, P, Nb, PYP, NBS1, PAN1, Nalp2, PYPAF2, E330007A02Rik  7:5291545-5364033 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Peg3os Apeg3, Peg3as  7:6696759-6717623  Imprinted Maternal
Peg3 Pw1, End4, Gcap4, Zfp102, AL022617, mKIAA0287  7:6300045-6344504 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Usp29 Ocat  7:6324668-6581301  Imprinted Paternal
Zim1   7:6269528-6310517 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Zim3 1700128I23Rik  7 7.0 cM  Imprinted Maternal
Zfp264   7 7.0 cM  Imprinted Paternal
Tgfb1 Tgfb, Tgfb-1, TGFbeta1, TGF-beta1  7:25677001-25715076  Not Imprinted Maternal
Ndn Peg6, AI528698  7:62217297-62238877  Imprinted Paternal
Magel2 ns7, nM15, NDNL1, Mage-l2  7:62245928-62270589  Imprinted Paternal
Peg12 Frat3  7:62330820-62353459 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Gabrg3 Gabrg-3  7:56582260-57264816 AS  Unknown Unknown
Gabra5 A230018I05Rik  7:57265687-57387872 AS  Unknown Unknown
Gabrb3 Cp1, Gabrb-3, AW049585, A230092K12Rik  7:57448397-57706665  Unknown Unknown
Ube3a Hpve6a, KIAA4216, mKIAA4216, 4732496B02, 5830462N02Rik, A130086L21Rik  7:59086618-59184595  Imprinted Maternal
Pwcr1 snoRNA MBII-85  7:59533858-59553947 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Zfp127as ZNF127AS  7 29.0 cM  Imprinted Maternal
Mkrn3 Zfp127, D7H15S9-1  7:62286542-62309088 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Snrpn SMN, Peg4, HCERN3, MGC18604, MGC30325, 2410045I01Rik  7:59852063-59894053 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Ampd3   7:110762603-110822394  Imprinted Maternal
Tspan32 Art-1, Phemx, Tssc6, AW208513, BB235973, D7Wsu37e  7:142995045-143029485  Not Imprinted Biallelic
H19 AI747191  7:142565531-142588145 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Igf2as   7 69.09 cM  Imprinted Paternal
Ins2 Mody, Ins-2, Mody4, AA986540, proinsulin, INS  7:142478050-142499097 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Th   7:142882775-142909965 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Ascl2 Mash2, 2410083I15Rik  7:142766215-142788616 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Kcnq1 Kcna9, KVLQT1, AW559127  7:142906643-143246431  Imprinted Maternal
Tssc4 AA241958, ESTM671070  7:142868757-142890476  Imprinted Maternal
Cd81 Tapa1, Tapa-1, Tspan28  7:142852184-142887313  Imprinted Maternal
Kcnq1ot1 Lit1, Kvlqt1-as, antisense transcript of Kvlqt1  7:474882-579156  Imprinted Paternal
AF313042 Msuit1  7 69.5 cM  Imprinted Maternal
Phlda2 Ipl, Tssc3  7:143300937-143321913 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Slc22a18 HET, ITM, BWR1A, Impt1, TSSC5, Orctl2, BWSCR1A, AW260131, Slc22a1l, p45-BWR1A  7:143273178-143318711  Imprinted Maternal
Cdkn1c CDKI, Kip2, p57Kip2, AL024410, p57(kip2)  7:143257729-143280385 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Nap1l4 Nap2, AI316776, D7Wsu30e, 2810410H14Rik  7:143312968-143368479 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Tnfrsf23 mSOB, Tnfrh1, Dctrailr1, MGC123882, MGC123883, Tnfrsf1al1, mDcTrailr1  7:143465196-143505261 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Tnfrsf22 SOBa, Tnfrh2, Tnfrsf1al2, mDcTrailr2, 2810028K06Rik, C130035G06Rik  7:143626724-143659637 AS  Imprinted Maternal
AK155734   7 69.57 cM  Imprinted Maternal
Tnfrsf26 Tnfrh3, Tnfrsf24  7:143597684-143637844 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Osbpl5 ORP5, Obph1, Osbp2, AI462538, 1110006M06Rik  7:143488151-143561352 AS  Conflicting Data Unknown
Nctc1 Rhit1, 9530074L01  7:142534608-142568597 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Igf2 M, M6, Igf, Mpr, Peg, Igf-, M6pr, Peg2, Igf-2, Igf-II, AL033362  7:142194504-142230565 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Zim2 1700116N21Rik  7:6245833-6276491 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Snurf Snrpn, MGC18604, MGC30325, 2410045I01Rik  7:59857551-59894073 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Atp10a pfatp, Atp10c  7:58516200-58706659  Conflicting Data Maternal
Inpp5f V2 SAC2, cI-27, AI115354, AW561896, mKIAA0966, 5830435P03Rik  7:135744878-135849949  Imprinted Paternal
Trpm5 Mtr1, Ltrpc5, 9430099A16Rik  7:142871181-142908997 AS  Not Imprinted Biallelic
Gab1 AA408973, AW107238  8:80754433-80890478 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Zc3h12c mKIAA1726, A230108E06, C230027N18Rik  9:52101984-52178110 AS  Not Imprinted Biallelic
Ntm Hnt, Igdcc2, R75390, 6230410L23Rik, B230210G24Rik  9:28985963-29973128 AS  Imprinted
Mir184 Mirn184, mmu-mir-184  9:89792259-89812327 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Snx14 YR-14, B830022K16, C330035N22Rik  9:88366746-88449851 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Musd2 pro  Imprinted
Rasgrf1 Grf, Gnrp, Grf1, p190, CDC25, Grfbe, P190-A, CDC25Mm, Grfbeta, AI844718, Ras-GRF1, p190RhoGEF  9:89781564-89919031  Imprinted Paternal
Sdhd C78570, AVLL5809, PRO19626, 3110001M13Rik  9:50338575-50366046 AS  Unknown Unknown
Lin28b Lin-28.2, 2810403D23Rik, D030047M17Rik  10:45366618-45480200 AS  Not Imprinted Biallelic
Hymai   10  Imprinted Paternal
Plagl1 Lot1, Zac1  10:12771106-12830085  Imprinted Paternal
Dcn DC, SL, PG40, PGII, PGS2, DSPG2, SLRR1B  10:97305361-97364024  Imprinted Maternal
Ctnna3 Vr22, Catna3, 4933408A16  10:62815454-64408298  Unknown Unknown
Ccdc40 RP23-13O17.4, B930008I02Rik  11:119218571-119275211  Imprinted
Platr20 5133400J02Rik  11:51070659-51121244 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Ddc Aadc  11:11704105-11800403 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Grb10 Meg1, AI325020, mKIAA0207, 5730571D09Rik  11:11820510-11947357 AS  Imprinted Isoform Dependent
Commd1 Murr1, U2/Mu, AI256843  11:22789727-22892283 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Zrsr1 SP2, Irlgs2, D11Ncvs75, U2af1-rs1, U2afbp-rs  11:22962004-22986495  Imprinted Paternal
U2af1-rs1 SP2, 35kDa, Irlgs2, D11Ncvs75, U2afbp-rs  11:22862036-22884907  Imprinted Paternal
Smoc1 S, SRG, AI848508, 2600002F22Rik  12:81063581-81243187  Imprinted Paternal
AF357359 MBII-426  12:109640708-109660737  Imprinted Maternal
Mir337 Mirn337, mmu-mir-337  12:109575788-109595884  Imprinted Maternal
Mir134 Mirn134, mmu-mir-134  12:109724138-109744208  Imprinted Maternal
Mir154 Mirn154, mmu-mir-154  12:109728432-109748497  Imprinted Maternal
Mir127 Mirn127, mmu-mir-127  12:109582845-109602914  Imprinted Maternal
B830012L14Rik   12:110923795-110950797  Imprinted Maternal
Dio3os Di, Dio3as, AW556460  12:110231817-110254501 AS  Imprinted Maternal
AF357355 MBII-343  12:109644626-109664696  Imprinted Maternal
Mir370 Mirn370, mmu-mir-370  12:109608257-109628335  Imprinted Maternal
Mir136 Mirn136, mmu-mir-136  12:109585326-109605387  Imprinted Maternal
Mir410 Mirn410, mmu-mir-410  12:109733714-109753794  Imprinted Maternal
Mir411 Mirn411, mmu-mir-411  12:109700174-109720255  Imprinted Maternal
Mir380 Mirn380, mmu-mir-380  12:109701802-109721862  Imprinted Maternal
Mir431 Mirn431, mmu-mir-431  12:109580446-109600536  Imprinted Maternal
Mir376b Mirn376b  12:109713457-109733538  Imprinted Maternal
Dlk1 FA1, ZOG, pG2, Peg9, SCP1, Ly107, pref-1, AW742678  12:109891029-109918497  Imprinted Paternal
Gtl2 Meg3, R74756, R75394, AI425946, AW108224, D12Bwg1266e, 2900016C05Rik, 3110050O07Rik, 6330408G06Rik  12:109983424-110019518  Imprinted Maternal
AF357428 MBII-78  12 54.5 cM  Imprinted Maternal
AF357426 MBII-49  12:109632837-109652903  Imprinted Maternal
AF357425 MBII-48  12:109626011-109646079  Imprinted Maternal
AF357341 MBII-19  12 54.5 cM  Imprinted Maternal
Rian Meg8, 5530401N18Rik, C130089L09Rik  12:109593944-109671715  Imprinted Maternal
Dio3 MGC124117, MGC124118  12:110717039-110738901  Imprinted Paternal
Begain Gm897, BM948371  12:110260391-110316426 AS  Imprinted Isoform Dependent
Mirg Meg9, AI852992, 2810474H01Rik  12 F1  Imprinted Maternal
Rtl1 Mar, Mor1, Mart1, 6430411K18Rik  12:110027975-110053209 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Rb1 Rb, pRb, Rb-1  14:73185501-73335790 AS  Not Imprinted Biallelic
Htr2a Htr2, Htr-2, MGC124301, MGC124302, E030013E04  14:73364994-73451013  Imprinted Maternal
Slc38a4 At, SN, Ata3, SNAT4, mATA3, mNAT3, 1110012E16Rik, 1700012A18Rik  15:96882700-96963836 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Peg13   15:72667450-72692172 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Galnt6 GalNA, AW047994, GalNAc-T6, 4632410F13  15:100577795-100637256 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Zfat Gm922, Zfat1, Zfp406  15:68073737-68268855 AS  Not Imprinted Biallelic
Kcnk9 Task3  15:72332548-72386708 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Naa60 HAT4, NatF, Nat15, AI315146, 1200013P24Rik  16:3862495-3914780  Not Imprinted Biallelic
Dscam 4932410A21Rik  16:96378651-96981934 AS  Not Imprinted Biallelic
Dact2 Dp, Frd, dap, Dpr2, Frd2, dapper2, A630024E20, 2900084M21Rik  17:14405491-14434594 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Qpct 5730422A13Rik  17:79349334-79407806  Imprinted Maternal
Prkn P, Pa, Park2  17:11049226-12292256  Imprinted Maternal
Slc22a3 EMT, Oct3, Orct3, Slca22a3  17:12253329-12361061 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Slc22a2 Oct2, Orct2, MGC18339  17:12417546-12481845  Imprinted Maternal
Igf2r CD222, CI-MPR, Mpr300, AI661837, M6P/IGF2R  17:12515770-12623021 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Air B930018I07Rik  17:12581652-12605350  Imprinted Paternal
Thbs2 TS, TSP2, Thbs-, Thbs-2  17:14875761-14924523 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Smoc2 Smo, Smoc2l, 1700056C05Rik, 5430426J21Rik  17:14489767-14635051  Imprinted Maternal
Impact E430016J11Rik  18:13105420-13146116  Imprinted Paternal
Glis3 E230012L24, 4833409N03Rik, E330013K21Rik  19:28252447-28690076 AS  Not Imprinted Biallelic
Ins1 Ins-1, Ins2-rs1  19:52307761-52328342  Conflicting Data Paternal
Gm35612   X:49616265-49661474  Imprinted Maternal
Rhox5 Pem, AA409564  X:37794841-37818877  Imprinted Isoform Dependent
Tsix antisense of Xist  X:99624235-99697675  Imprinted Maternal
Jpx Enox, 2010000I03Rik, 2510040I06Rik  X:103483575-103516424  Imprinted Paternal
Ftx Thcytx, BB219131, NCRNA00182, B230206F22Rik  X:103550909-103633753 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Zcchc13 Cnbp2, 4930513O09Rik  X:103620585-103641663  Imprinted Maternal
Xist A430022B11  X:99653091-99695951 AS  Imprinted Paternal