Genomic Imprinting and Epigenetics Meetings

2001: Genomic Imprinting Workshop

Osaka, Japan: Welcome to the website for the Genomic Imprinting Workshop held in Osaka, Japan, January 13th and 14th, 2001. Approximately 75 scientists from throughout the world were present at this 2 day conference. Because many people were unable to attend this conference, we have placed the symposium abstracts and speaker presentations on this website. Speakers included: Andrew Feinberg (USA), Yoshihide Hayashizaki (JAPAN), Randy Jirtle (USA), Shin-ichi Horike (JAPAN), Fumitoshi Ishino (JAPAN), Makiko Meguro (JAPAN), Mitsuyoshi Nakao (JAPAN), Mitsuo Oshimura (JAPAN), Wolf Reik (UK), Takashi Sakatani (JAPAN), Hiroyuki Sasaki (JAPAN), Toshikazu Ushijima (JAPAN), Jörn Walter (GERMANY), Yu Yinhua (USA).

ORGANIZER: Mitsuo Oshimura (Tottori University, Japan)

Invited Speaker Presentations

The following is a list of the Environmental Epigenomics conference speakers and their addresses, along with links to their presentation abstracts and recordings. Audio is in MP3 format and video requires Shockwave Flash.