Genomic Imprinting and Epigenetics Meetings

1999: Genomic Imprinting Conference

Dublin, Ireland: Welcome to the website for the Genomic Imprinting Conference, held in August 1999. Over 150 scientists from throughout the world attended this 3 day conference in Dublin, IRELAND. Many people were unable to attend this conference because of space limitations. Therefore, we have placed the symposium abstracts and speaker presentations on this website. Speakers included: David Haig (USA), Maxwell Lee (USA), Randy Jirtle (USA), Robert Lyle (NETHERLANDS), Rolf Ohlsson (SWEDEN), Rudolf Jaenisch (USA), Wolf Reik (UK), Azim Surani (UK), Bernard Horsthemke (GERMANY), Marcus Pembrey (UK), Andrew Hoffman (USA), David Skuse (UK), Laurence Hurst (UK), Paul Schofield (UK).

ORGANIZER: Amanda McCann (University College of Dublin)

Invited Speaker Presentations

The following is a list of the Environmental Epigenomics conference speakers and their addresses, along with links to their presentation abstracts and recordings.

Attendee Presentations