Imprinted Gene Databases

Imprinted Genes: by Imprinting Status

Below are listings of genes by imprinting status, sorted by name. Gene information has been gathered from NCBI, and some genes lack chromosomal coordinates; these are designated with ---. To change status, select the appropriate tab. To view more information about a gene, click on its name. If there is a gene missing that you feel should be included in the catalog, please contact us.

Only display genes from species:
Species Gene Aliases Location Status Expressed Allele
Mus musculus Atp10a pfatp, Atp10c  7 B5  Conflicting Data Maternal
Homo sapiens COPG2 2-COP, FLJ11781, DKFZp761N09121  7q32 AS  Conflicting Data Paternal
Homo sapiens GABRA5 MGC138184  15q11.2-q12  Conflicting Data Paternal
Homo sapiens GABRB3 MGC9051  15q11.2-q12 AS  Conflicting Data Paternal
Homo sapiens GABRG3   15q12  Conflicting Data Paternal
Homo sapiens HTR2A HTR2, 5-HT2A  13q14-q21 AS  Conflicting Data Maternal
Mus musculus Ins1 Ins-1, Ins2-rs1  19 49.0 cM  Conflicting Data Paternal
Mus musculus Osbpl5 ORP5, Obph1, Osbp2, AI462538, 1110006M06Rik  7 69.59 cM AS  Conflicting Data Unknown
Homo sapiens PRIM2 p58, PRIM2A  6p12-p11.1 AS  Conflicting Data Biallelic
Homo sapiens SDHD PGL, CBT1, PGL1, SDH4  11q23  Conflicting Data Paternal